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Bazil Technologies commits itself to promote Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action as prescribed in the government equity bill
The company understands the importance of diversity, empowerment and acknowledge gender equality
An equal opportunity is afforded to each of the personnel to ensure development and growth of the workforce to full potential
This will be achieved through skills and knowledge transfer to the workforce and options to obtain shares within the company 



Bazil Technologies shall ensure, through its management, company procedures and employees, that every effort is directed towards achieving and meeting our client’s desired quality goals.
Bazil Technologies shall work in accordance with Clients’ quality systems, ensuring the specified quality requirements are achieved for all company’s services.
Accountability for possible quality failures will rest with the manager in charge.
Bazil Technologies will strive for the implementation of ISO 9001 quality standards.


Bazil Technologies shall strive to implement procedures, which will prevent injury or loss and assure the health and safety of our employees.
Bazil Technologies and all of the management place loss and incident prevention and the health of its employees as the most important aspect of its operation and in this regard recognize and understand their responsibilities in terms of the OHS act.
The attitude and co-operation of each employee shall ensure that the health and safety conditions are achieved and losses minimized.


Bazil Technologies puts more emphasis to the conservation of our environment, the well being of our communities and that of our employees.
We shall therefore not partake in any activities that will be detrimental to our natural environment.
In the event of our activities influencing the environment negatively, we would do everything possible to rehabilitate the environment.
In co-operation with all our employees, we shall ensure that this policy is implemented across the complete spectrum of our operations of our operations.

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